Vulnerability Is A Superpower Card

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vulnerability is openness to experiences, people and uncertainty. it’s terrifying at times, and brave always. let someone know how grateful you are for their vulnerability. 

constellation & co. is a letterpress greeting card company that uses the power of words and the magic of snail mail to connect people and make us all feel less alone. c&co. is owned by me, sara mcnally. each one of our cards and stationery gifts are printed, packaged, and sent on their way from my home and shop hq here in seattle. I write cards for feelings that are too big for a card. I write cards for the situations that are too complicated for words. I strive to put words to the love that brings color to our lives. I write cards for exactly you, and exactly how goofy or awkward or sincere you feel today. I use typography, ink, paper, and pressure to say the things that shouldn’t go unsaid. I have a lot of things to say. I gather up all those words and present them to the world (and to you) as something to slip into an envelope and put in the mail. It’s both as simple and complex as that; the complexity of being a human, impressed upon a simple, folded sheet of paper. I want to make you laugh. I want to make you feel known. I want to help you share love. If your relationships grow because you sent a card, my purpose is fulfilled.