Musk Rain Hydrating Body & Face Mist

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you’ll love this natural mist that hydrates your face and body with a light and subtle citrus-spiced aroma. watch as antioxidants and natural extracts visibly hydrate, refresh and boost the radiance of your skin. aloe vera and witch hazel work together as hydrating powerhouses, offering a soothing experience while relieving skin discomfort from irritation like sunburns, eczema and small cuts. suitable for all skin types.

size 4 oz / 160 ml

 we are a mother-daughter team, we started this brand because we wanted clean, natural, cruelty-free and high performance products that worked for all body & skin types. we create body focused care products that are handcrafted with superfood ingredients and rich in fatty acid omegas, nutrients and antioxidants that feed skin so it can work its natural magic. these are real skin powerhouses – they’re the foundation of healthy-looking skin cells, and the key elements in a natural skin care diet.