Inquire Within Deck

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53 hand illustrated cards to inspire inner wisdom, growth and connectedness. each card is a meaningful phrase, reminder, word or prompt to help bring guidance and comfort to your daily life. these card edges are gilded in gold on all sides of the cards and are made with FSC certified paper. (2.75 x 4.75 x 1 depth" (tarot card size)) 

how to use the deck:

  1. before you begin to shuffle, decide what you are going to ask the deck and how many cards you are going to pull. the most simple pull, and one you can do daily, is the single card pull. there are other pulling methods (google them!). as you shuffle and cut, you’ll ask the deck what energy, or medicine, you should be aware of today, this lunar cycle, or this year. 
  2. when you pull your card(s), sit with it/them for a moment and allow them to speak to you. intuit your own meaning and interpretation of the card. what is the card trying to tell you? what are you trying to tell yourself? if you're pulling cards for the year, take a picture of them or write them down so you can reference them at a later date. if you're pulling for the day, leave the cards somewhere you can see them and reference back to them for that day. carry their meaning, their energy, and their medicine into your entire day. apply them in every situation you encounter, keeping them in your conscious awareness.
  3. as with everything, enjoy this process. do not worry if you are doing it right or wrong. just follow your intuition, and trust the journey. accept the cards you are dealt and use their energy wisely to help guide you where you need it the most. 

♡ each card is a meaningful phrase, reminder, word or prompt to help bring guidance and comfort to everyday life. self healing requires a willingness to explore deeply, to ask yourself questions – to inquire within. the purpose of this deck grows from the idea that you yourself can heal you yourself. i hope you find joy in this project that was created in a slow & carefully meaningful way, and that the words and images inside serve as gentle reminders of the magic you already have in you. ♡

wilde house paper is a lifestyle stationery collection created in california. every wh piece is an original work of art that is unique to this shop. about half of the goods are designed and printed on luxe eco-friendly paper stocks. the rest of the goods are handmade in california using the highest quality sustainable materials. all of the paper in our line is 100% eco-friendly and that's important to us. sustainability and intentional decisions are at the forefront of our design process from concept to final packaging. we have recently partnered with one tree planted, a nonprofit organization that plants trees around the world, and will be planting one tree in california for every order that is placed.

by hand is a core value of wh as it makes each piece intentionally its own. when you buy a wh good, you are not only going to receive a quality item but you are supporting the slow process of art that really is so unique in today's industry.