Activated Charcoal Bar Cleanser

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cleanse and detox your skin with activated charcoal that clings to impurities to wash them away. this everyday soap bar features superfats like coconut oil, rice bran oil and shea butter for amazing hydration properties. tea tree and peppermint oils provide a surprisingly fresh scent to this earthy bar. for all skin types. (7oz)


  • body odor: removes toxins to naturally improve body odor
  • acne: cleans up body blemishes
  • detoxification: tea tree, peppermint essential oils are naturally anti-fungal and antibacterial

scent earthy, mint and clean

how to use gentlly lather with water and wash the entire body or specific areas. this soap can be used for the hands and body (it works wonders on body blemishes and odors due to the antiseptic oil essentials. rinse thoroughly. 

key ingredients:

  • bamboo activated charcoal: a natural potent treatment that traps toxins and chemicals on the skin, allowing them to be flushed and not reabsorb by the skin.
  • shea butter: a powerful moisturizer, and a high concentration of fatty acids and vitamin k to help skin barrier heal faster and support the healthy turnover of new cells.
  • rice bran oil: deeply moisturizing and penetrates easily containing omega 6 fatty acids and vitamin e properties which is great for the skin to look younger and fresher.
  • herbal blend: an antibacterial-rich blend of tea tree and peppermint which offers a natural remedy to body blemishes and odor.

ingredients aqua (distilled water), saponified olive oil (olea europaea), coconut oil (coco nucifera), shea butter (butyrospermum parkii), castor oil (ricinus communis), rice bran oil (oryza sativa), sunflower oil (helianthus annuus), sodium lactate, bamboo activated charcoal, grapeseed extract (vitis vinifera seed extract), vegetable glycerin, peppermint oil (mentha piperita), tea tree oil (melaleuca alternifolia)

 sade baron we are a mother-daughter team, we started this brand because we wanted clean, natural, cruelty-free and high performance products that worked for all body & skin types. we create body focused care products that are handcrafted with superfood ingredients and rich in fatty acid omegas, nutrients and antioxidants that feed skin so it can work its natural magic. these are real skin powerhouses – they’re the foundation of healthy-looking skin cells, and the key elements in a natural skin care diet.

values: woman-owned, organic, eco-friendly, handmade, small batch, social good