Organic Tampons - 14 Super

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you shouldn't have to worry about unwanted chemicals around your most delicately balanced parts. ultra absorbent, these tampons are made with 100% certified organic cotton, and are free of irritation-causing fragrances. these tampons offer a safer feminine hygiene product option, both for the women who use them, and the environment, wildlife, farmers and future generations. 

co-founders jen and gaby created tampon tribe with a mission to bring premium personal care to everyone. beginning their business partnership in beijing, china, and hailing from brazil (gaby) and australia (jen), landed in los angeles five years ago and began to turn their passion into a reality. paramount to the duo is a strong give-back to underserved populations, and our earth. tampon tribe supports homeless women in los angeles and gives to education programs for under-served girls, including girls health ed., and project code red.